Fun Facts:
I am 23.
I am married.
Have been married for 2 years.
I smoke Pall Mall Mentols 100s.
I don't like my alcohol to be cold unless its something like wine coolers.
I have a pug named Cuddles.
I like anime,star wars, horror movies,ps3 games,3ds games..etc
Any Questions send me an ask :)



Remember this?


Playing with my make-up… who DOESNT love a good smokey eye #sexual

The only person I’ve ever thought a tongue ring looked good on

who cooler than chelsea?
waiting for my black and pink snooki lotion to get here. if it comes in today i will have to wait to tan til tmrw and if it comes in tmrw i will have to wait til the next day…ugh i hate not knowing. But it says online that it was in the town 30 min away from me. I hope its today. 
finally got the boots I have been looking for  yesterday :) Thanks to my husband. <3